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Vintage Mercedes-Benz Deals Appear at 2010 Maplewood Imports Auto Fair

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I attended the 2010 Maplewood Imports Auto Fair last weekend in Maplewood, MN, just North of St. Paul, MN. This was the second year I attended. It always seems to be a nice gathering of German cars… mostly Porsches, but also some Mercedes-Benz and Audis. There are also some other random collector cars that show up.

car for sale

This year there was a nice Morgan +8 and a 1970s vintage Aston Martin Vantage. Last year there were a couple of cars in the lot with “For Sale” signs in them, but this year, there were at least 8 cars for sale. Almost all of them fall into the “Affordable Classic” realm. I’ll concentrate on a couple of the Mercedes-Benz cars that were for sale here.

The “For Sale” sign pictured above was taped in the passenger’s window of this car. It only had about 50,000 miles if I remember correctly and it was only $10,300. I’d call that even a little better than market correct… I’d say it’s priced very aggressively and a good deal for the buyer. The seller is a long time Twin Cities Section Mercedes-Benz Club member. The car it spotless, it’s never seen a winter, and I like the R129 in white too.


Well cared for, looked good inside and out.

This is a very well cared for 250S, I believe it’s a 1973 model. This car was for sale last year for $7,700, the original window sticker is with the car and that was the price when it was new, and that’s what the guy’s trying to get for it now. It hasn’t sold at that price for a year, and he’s in no hurry to sell it, he’s had it almost since new. It is in perfect condition, inside and out… the color doesn’t turn me on. I think something between $4,000 and $5,000 would be full retail money for this car. I think he’d probably let it got for about that too, if I asked real nice like.

This might have been my favorite Mercedes at the show. It’s a 1970s European 350 SL model with a manual transmission. It’s also owned by a long time Mercedes-Benz club member. This is one of a number of Mercedes-Benz cars that he owns. This car was not for sale, although it could be bought I’m told, for the right money. It’s a unique color, it’s got the small Euro bumpers and Euro lights, absolutely beautiful.

Interior of the 350 SL, notice the manual transmission.

There were quite a few very new Porsches at this event, but just as many older 911 models. There were a handful of 356s, one being an SC 4cam worth a couple hundred thousand dollars probably in addition to a 356 Speedster ‘outlaw’ that was well done, if altering something from completely original doesn’t bother you too much.

I liked this very nice Porsche 914 and this early 928 with the phone dial wheels.

Porsche 914

Porsche 914

Porsche 928

Porsche 928

All in all it was a good day spent talking cars with some new friends. I’ll look forward to next year’s event to see what might turn up.


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