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BMW i3 Coupe Concept To Be All-Electric

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BMW revealed its plans for creating their first all-electric car and it will be from the BMW I brand. Therefore, the BMW i3 Coupe was created to represent urban and sustainable car, paying more attention to zero local emissions. As for looks, the car is made of carbon-fiber, three-door body with relaxed interior and two separate rear seats. The BMW i3 Coupe designer’s vision for this car was for it to be fully electric. Therefore, with a peak torque of 184 lb-ft and 170 hp/125 kW it is able to transfer power delivery to the real wheels through single-speed transmission. The lithium-ion batteries are located under the floor enabling more agility.

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BMW I cars have a unique LifeDrive concept that makes them horizontally split with 2 self-contained elements to produce an electric drive train, as well as comfort and sense of uniqueness. CFRP (or carbon fiber reinforced plastic) makes the car lightweight, but powerful. For this model, the principle known as “layering” is used for the exterior as a typical Life and Drive module.

The interior is nothing less than spacious and the designers made sure the BMW i models reflect a sense of transparency and lightness. Much like the exterior “layering”, the interior employs it in a slightly different manner using wool, wood, leather and other recyclable and natural materials for a premium passenger experience with a combination of grey and black.

Regarding technology, the BMW i3 Concept is equipped with 2 displays that enable communication between the driver and the vehicle to make the entire driving experience easier, more comfortable and enjoyable. Navigation system is provided by BMW I ConnectedDrive. Driving style varies from COMFORT to ECO PRO and ECO PRO +, each of which is adapted in accordance with the driver’s preferences all in favor of efficiency. The COMFORT mode is the normal, comfortable experience; the ECO PRO focuses on preservation of energy while ECO PRO + for even greater economical driving with maximum speed reaching 56 mph (90 km/h). In this mode, everything that requires energy use runs in minimal intervals.

An important characteristic of the Coupe is the navigation system in alliance with ConnectedDrive. Both systems work to help the driver find destinations and they include the battery’s status, topography, traffic levels, traffic jams etc. to make its calculations. Another feature regarding technology is the smartphone application that contains eRemote function also developed by ConnectedDrive for the needs of the BMW i vehicles. The app serves to give the driver unlimited access to their car’s data, from anywhere. It shows charging stations and navigation destination and gives information on local public transport networks, urban centers etc. Also, there is advanced mobility planning provided by the DriveNow service, enabling parking spots to be booked via smartphone applications. In the case of BMW, ConnectedDrive also enables this service in the navigation system.


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